NLP Athlete Speed & Strength Development Program

Due to coaching commitments, I am suspending the summer 2015 program, but will be returning in 2016.

If you didn’t go to practice,
how good would you be at your sport?

Speed and athleticism work the same way!  

Go to your  coach for game strategy…

Developing today’s athletes for tomorrow’s performance!

My program works – I  have collected 10,000+ data points over the past 8 years and average improvements seen by participants includes:
(Based off of 2 days week for 6 weeks minimum)

0.3sec DECREASE in 30-yard sprint times
in vertical jump
20 stage INCREASE in standard beep test
5 second DECREASE in 250 shuttle time
0.85 DECREASE in Pro Agility (5-10-5) test
in muscle mass/weight
in standing triple jump
in standing broad jump
bodyweight squats per minute
16 MORE pushups per minute
12 MORE sit-ups per minute
in flexibility
20-45lb increase in bench & squat 3RM
(not to mention learning how to do it correct!)


1.   Up to 75 MINS OF PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION every workout
4.   T-SHIRT

Can I Get Faster?

The answer is YES!  Speed is a LEARNED skill.  If you play soccer, baseball, football, hockey, track and field, basketball etc, and you wait until you’re  in high school to start practicing your sport, all the other athletes who started in their youth years are going to be WAY ahead of you.  Well speed and strength training works the same way!  You have to be taught how to run, sprint, jump, and move in an agile manner properly and there is a science behind that.  By doing strength and conditioning training with NLP, athletes learn how to use correct sprint mechanics, jumping skills, reaction, and biomechanics related to speed.

Each 90-minute coached session teaches athletes of all levels about the fundamentals of speed and strength and as each athlete demonstrates proficiency I increase the technical challenge of the individual drills and workouts.  Whether your goal is to become a starter on the varsity roster or be a college athlete, you need to be doing strength & conditioning with a credible professional to increase your chances of being noticed by a coach or recruiter.

New Hampshire is currently 15 years behind in the field of strength and conditioning and this in turn affects athletic performance in our great state.  Most ‘strength & conditioning coaches’ in NH are actually personal trainers, athletic trainers, or physical therapists who are using the title but have not actually worked as a strength & conditioning coach for any college or professional team.  It’s not just a title – it’s a profession – and unless you, the consumer, protect yourself, these other folks are more than happy to accept your money based on your lack of awareness.  My mission is to provide a premium service to help NH athletics be more successful in a safe way.  The way I am able to accomplish this is by having the highest credentials available in our industry (including college degrees and direct experience working at the college and professional levels of sports) and then deliver a structured affordable program locally.

Check out my athlete speed and strength program today!  More info is available on the links above.  If you have questions, call me at 603-627-7500 and I would be happy to explain more about what it is I do.  This isn’t hocus-pocus.  It is sport science, it works, is based off of legitimate research, and if you aren’t training your speed and strength with an experienced professional, you’re just going to be average like everyone else.  I look forward to working with you and helping you gain a step on your competition while decreasing your risk for injury!

Reach Your Full Potential Today!

Contact NLP to schedule an appointment and work with a qualified strength & conditioning coach today!  Call 603-627-7500 or contact me.

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